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Ainmeil thar Cheudan: Presentations to the 2011 Sorley MacLean Conference

The Ainmeil thar Cheudan conference was held at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig in Skye in June of 2011, the centenary year of the birth of Sorley MacLean. It was clear that he had excelled in many…


A’ Cleachdadh na Gàidhlig: slatan-tomhais ann an dìon cànain sa choimhearsnachd

This is a collection of papers by scholars, activists, business people, teachers etc. on a broad range of issues related to promoting and maintaining the use of Gaelic in a variety of types of…


Sùil air an t-Saoghal: buaidhean eadar-nàiseanta air sgrìobhadh sa Ghàidhlig

They say each language provides a different way of looking at the world, a new way of creating the world. This volume asks how Gaelic literature in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries views the…


A’ Ghàidhlig agus Beachdan nan Sgoilearan: cothroman leasachaidh ann am foghlam tro mheadhan na Gàidhlig

As different research projects on the success of Gaelic medium education (GME) pupils have shown, the system works very well as far as academic aims are concerned. However, while GME is successful on an educational…


What do sheep say?

What does the sheep say? Another good question and the last in the series of beautiful t-shirts made by Graficanna. They can be bought in the following sizes: 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18-24 months.


Does does a pig say?

what does the pig say?  Well, that's the question!  What lovely t-shirt we have hear made by Graficanna.  Can be bought  in the following sizes: 6-12 months, 12-18 months or 18-24 months.


New Graficanna T-shirt

Here's a new t-shirt for the little monster in your life!
They are designed by Graficanna and come in sizes between 3 and 11 years.
The t-shirt translates into 'I'm Hungry!'.


Tuath air a' Bhealach - Martin MacIntyre

This is the other newest book in the 'Lasag' series for young adults.

Robyn Carruthers has yet to venture far from the familiar. She works in a Glasgow shop, is in a relationship but remains…


Necklaces by The Silver Grasshopper

We are happy to have new necklaces to sell by The Silver Grasshopper. You can get these heart necklaces of the Isle of Skye, Lewis & Harris, Barra or Scotland. Each one is made by…


Asterix agus an Corran Òir

When the druid Oghamaix's golden sickle breaks in two pieces everyone is worried that he won't be able to make the magic potion which keeps the town safe. He needs the right golden sickle in…


An Sgoil Dhubh - Iain F. MacLeòid

This is the fifth book in the Aiteal series, a series of new fiction from different, talented writers. This novel was written by Iain F. MacLeod who has published many other novels such as Am…


Love and Music Will Endure - Liz MacRae Shaw

This is a historical novel based on the life of Màiri Mhòr nan Òran who was a political and cultural heroine to the Gaels. Her songs, which gave great encouragement to the crofter's struggle in…


Tro Chloich na Sùla – Maoilios Caimbeul

Old and new mix together in this new collection of poetry from Myles Campbell. The series of poems at the beginning of the book are loosely based on the old style of verse, or dàn…


Tintin - Toit nam Phàro

Follow Tintin and his dog for the second time in Gaelic! In this new book Tintin and his dog are away on an adventure with Seonachan MacSheonachain, an Egyptian expert, as they are in pursuit…


Saltire - Ionnsaigh

'Ionnsaigh' is the first book in a new series and the first graphic novel which has been published in Gaelic. The series follows the first Scottish comic book hero by the name of Saltire. He's…


Big Barn Sessions 2014 - Music by Young People from the Highlands and Islands

This is a compilation album of music by young people from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland which arose from the project 'The Big Barn Sessions' which offers free studio time to young people who…


The Glendale Bards. A Selection of Songs and Poems by Niall MacLeòid, 'The Bard of Skye', his brother Iain Dubh and their father

This book, which was edited by Meg Bateman, marks the centenary of Neil MacLeod's death in 1913 with the republication of some of his work. It also publishes for the first time all of the…


The Great Book of Skye, From the Island to the World, People and Place on a Scottish Island

This book was compiled by two experts from the Isle of Skye, the Professor Norman MacDonald and the photographer Cailean MacLean. The book is the most comprehensive study ever undertaken of the people of Skye…


Ó Choill go Barr Ghéarain, Somhairle MacGillEain - Paddy Bushe

This is a book of Irish translations of the selected poems of Sorley MacLean. Paddy Bushe, Irish poet and member of Aosdána, the Irish academy of writers, artists and musicians, translated the poems into Irish.…


Buses of Skye and the Western Isles - Iain Sinclair

If you have an interest in buses and the history of transport in Skye and the Western Isles then this is the book for you! It was written by Iain Sinclair who was a doctor…


Feur Buidhe An t-Samhraidh - Tim Armstrong

This book, which was written by Tim Armstrong, is part of Lasag's series of Gaelic readers which offers young adults a range of engaging, easy-to-read fiction, with English language chapter summaries and glossaries to assist…


Nigheanan Mòra - Catrìona Lexy Chaimbeul

In Nigheanan Mòra, the new book by Catrìona Lexy Campbell, things are changing between friends Bell, Anna and Jo since Jo's boyfriend has asked her to move in with him! This book is part of…


Làimhsich agus Fairich a' chiad Leabhar-chleasan

Young children will enjoy handling and feeling the different shapes and textures in this lovely , colourful book.

Acair 2012


Little Girl T-shirt

We have a new t-shirt in stock for girls. These lovely red t-shirts are designed by Graficanna and are available in sizes from 1 to 8 years. The Gaelic translates to 'Little Girl' in English.


Blas na Gàidhlig - Michael Bauer

This is a brilliant book on a complex subject; the pronunciation of Scottish Gaelic. Even those with little or no knowledge of concepts such as the Phonetic Alphabet will discover exactly why sounds work the…


Breabach - Urlar

This is the fourth album from Scottish band, Breabach. They are a powerful, energetic group who are well known for playing two sets of the Highland Pipes! They won an award for Scottish Folk band…


Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas - Abundance

Abundance, released late 2013, is the new album from renowned fiddler Alasdair Fraser and cello player Natalie Haas. This is their fourth album together and with that comes a finely honed album that gives a…


Piping Traditions of the Isle of Skye - Bridget MacKenzie

This book, which was published in 2012, is a must have for anyone interested in piping. It is jam packed with knowledge on the traditions, music, players, teachers, competitions, bands, literature and legends connected with…


Air Cuan Dubh Drilseach - Tim Armstrong

'Air Cuan Dubh Drilseach' was published by CLÀR in 2013. This is the first science fiction book for adults that has been written in Gaelic!

The author of the book, Tim Armstrong, is originally from…


Sùil air an t-Saoghal

Sùil air an t-Saoghal is an interesting book which was compiled by Patrick MacKay and Niall O'Gallagher. The book looks at the effects international influences have had on Gaelic literature. Writers such as Angus Peter…


Na Caraidean - Julia Donaldson

Acair, 2013

This is a lovely story about a young girl and her five paper dolls.

It's a lyrical story about childhood and the power of imagination written by the brilliant Julia Donaldson with wonderful…


Fergie MacDonald - Yes is the Vote for Bonnie Scotland

We have a big decision to make as a nation on the 18th of September 2014 and to mark this Fergie has penned a new song ahead of the Scottish Independence vote. This is a…


Fairy Princess T-shirt

Here's a new t-shirt for the girls! These lovely t-shirts, which were designed by Graficanna, come in different sizes from 1 to 6 years. Every little princess will want one!

The t-shirt translates into English…


Cluicheadairean - Catriona Lexy Chaimbeul

Catrìona Lexy Chaimbeul's new book Cluicheadairean was published in October 2013. The Morrisons are like every other family, happy and successful. Sam is a doctor. He has a wife and two children. But Sam has…


James Duncan MacKenzie

This is the debut album from musician James Duncan Mackenzie. The album was launched at the HebCelt Festival in 2013. James hails from the Isle of Lewis and is a very accomplished piper who graduated…


Mànran - The Test

Mànran was formed by six young friends from across Scotland in 2010. They have created their own unique sound using a combination of Gaelic and English songs with the accordion, fiddle, flute and a great…


Latha Bha Siud - M. Christina Butler & Tina Macnaughton

This is one of the new “Làimhsich agus Fairich” (Handle and Feel) books by Acair, that use materials as part of the pictures. In this story Bìodag visits her cousin Gràineag Beag and together they…


Spùinneadairean Dubh na h-Oidhche - Peter Harris & Deborah Allwright

At nightfall when he's in bed, Tòmas think that he can see a monster or ghost in his room. But he is wrong. It's pirates (and some of them very unusual)! What are they wanting…


Cudail Chan fhaigh Mi... - David Melling

Do you sometimes feel like you'd like a cuddle? Dòmhnall does and he sets off to find the best cuddle in the world.

This is the Gaelic version of “Hugless Douglas”, the story of a…


An Turas Siar

Aldan is an adventurous boy who goes down into a prehistoric cave and doesn't come back. When his twin sister Alda finds out that he has been spirited away to the mysterious Island of the…


Chan e sin mo cheann-fionn... - Fiona Watt

This book is for very young children. It aims to encourage their senses and language skills with the use of colourful pictures and different materials on each page. Children will enjoy turning from page to…


Òrain Cèilidh Teaghlaich - The Family Cèilidh Gaelic Song Collection

Òrain Cèilidh Teaghliaich / The Family Cèilidh Gaelic Song Collection contains some of the best-loved songs in the Gaelic singing tradition. There are translations and music notation included, as well as an audio CD with…


Cruinn - Brian Ó hEadhra, Fiona MacKenzie, James Graham & Rachel Walker

This is a new CD of Gaelic songs sung by Brian Ó hEadhra, Fiona NicCoinnich, Seumas Greumach and Rachel Walker. They are all well-known Gaelic singers and first performed together as “Cruinn” at the Celtic…


Brìgh an Òrain - A Story in Every Song

Lauchie MacLellan was one of the twenty century’s outstanding singers and storytellers. Although he was from Nova Scotia and the fourth generation of his family in Canada, his family had originally come from Scotland and…


Sound of Raasay

On this CD there are 10 tracks by various well-known musicians and singers such as Blair Douglas, Brian Ó hEadra and Gabe McVarish. The musicians were commissioned to compose and record pieces to celebrate Raasay…


An Guth 7

This is the seventh volume in the An Guth series, which have been edited by Rody Gorman for these last ten years. They are collections of poetry in Scottish and Irish Gaelic with a short…



This CD was released in 2012 by the young band “Barrule” from the Isle of Man whose aim it is to bring Manx music to the attention of more people. The fiddle, accordion and bouzouki…


The Campbells of Greepe - Fonn (book)

This book has long been awaited, certainly since the CD with the same title was released in 2012. It is a big book of substantial work chartering the story of one family, the Campbells of…


Alasdair Whyte - Las

This is the first album by Alasdair Whyte from the Isle of Mull. It was released in November 2012 and had long been awaited. Alasdair gained great recognition as a Gaelic singer when he won…


Angus Watson Dictionary

This dictionary provides translations for a wide range of words, including fairly new subject areas such as IT. It also includes many proverbs and guidance regarding the different registers of Gaelic and  is warmly recommended…


Mairi Morrison & Alasdair Roberts - Urstan

This wonderful new album is a co-operation between Mairi Morrison from the Isle of Lewis and Alasdair Roberts, a well-known Scots singer. They got together for “Ceòl is Craic” in Glasgow and on this recording…


The January Flower - Orla Broderick

This novel, published in 2012, tells the Story of Mary a young mother struggling with the world from her perspective. Discontent with her life, she uses the people she meets to make a better life…


Soisgeul Eòin (John's GospeL)

This is a new translation of John's Gospel from Greek to present-day Gaelic. As Gaelic has greatly changed in recent times, many now find it difficult to understand "Bible Gaelic". For that reason a group…


Complete Gaelic Pack

This is the Gaelic edition of the "teach yourself" series. The pack includes the book Complete Gaelic, a language course designed by Boyd Robertson and John Taylor, as well the CDs supporting the book. The…


Fergie MacDonald - "As Highland As It Gets"

This is the latest recording by Fergie MacDonald, one of the Highlands and Islands' best known accordion players, who has been a great inspiration to many of today's young musicians. There are 14 tracks on…


Brìgh nam Facal - Richard A.V. Cox

This dictionary by Richard A.V. Cox contains more than 9,000 words. In addition to explaining the meaning of words it indicates the type of word - noun, verb, adjective etc - and the forms it…


Aon - Stiùidio Ostaig

This CD was recorded at Stiùdio Ostaig, the new recording studio recently built at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. The CD features tutors from the music course as well as current students and students who have recently…


White Leaping Flame – Sorley MacLean Collected Poems

This is a collection of the complete work of Sorley MacLean who was probably the most important Gaelic poet of the 20th century. As well as his well-known poems such as the collection of poems…


Place-Names of Scotland – Iain Taylor

In this book Iain Taylor looks at 7,000 place names from throughout Scotland, including cities, villages, lochs, rivers, hills and even passes. There is a section on the origins of Scottish placenames as well as…


Ath-Aithne - Màrtainn Mac an t-Saoir

This is a collection of Gaelic and English short stories. There are 18 stories in the book covering a wide range of topics and the stories are set in a variety of places and at…


Air A Thòir - Màrtainn Mac an t-Saoir

In his third novel, Martin MacIntyre recounts the tale of a man and woman, Aonghas and Monika. Aonghas seems to be leading a happy successful life with a loving partner and a good job. Monika…


A Waxing Moon - Roger Hutchison & Criosaidh Dick

This book looks at the recent happenings with regards to the Gaelic language and the role of Sabhal Mòr Ostaig in the revitalisation of the language. It examines how new hope and energy was given…


The Campbells - Fonn

This CD was compiled by the Campbell family who stem from Greepe on the Isle of Skye. Their members are Kenna Campbell, Seumas Campbell, Maggie Macdonald, Mary Ann Kennedy and Wilma Kennedy. Each of them…


Christine Primrose - ...and you on my mind

This is Christine’s second CD which she recorded in 1987.It is a selection of some of her favourite songs, performed in her clear voice. Christine’s pure singing, full of feeling, will move listeners, regardless of…


Sketch - Shedlife

This is the debut album by Sketch, a young, lively Scottish band featuring the clear voice of Maeve MacKinnon. The CD was launched early in the summer of 2012 and the band has since toured…


Michael MacGregor Calendars 2017

These bilingual calendars, in English and Gaelic, display a different picture taken by the renowned photographer Michael MacGregor for each month of the year.
We stock two types of calendars, one with pictures of…


"Gàidhlig T-Shirt/ Hoodie"

Back in 2012 we held a competition asking people to come up with a design for a Gaelic t-shirt. This is the winning entry and it is now available on t-shirts and hoodies. The back…


Ceòlmhor Ostaig

Ceòlmhor Ostaig was recorded before there was a music course at the college, but that does not mean that there was any lack of talent. Among the musicians several now well-known names can be found,…


SMO zipped Hoodie

These zipped hoodies are available in two colours and one design. There are two pockets at the front of the hoodie making it both comfortable and practical.
They are available in royal blue and…


"Speaking Our Language" DVDs

These are the DVDs of "Speaking Our Language", the successful language programme by the BBC. There are 18 chapters on each DVD providing learners with the vocabulary that is relevant to specific situations, such as…


Sabhal Mòr Ostaig Hoodie

These hoodies while looking attractive, are at the same time very comfortable. They have a large pocket at the front and are available in two colours and one design.

They are available…


"An Sgeul Mòr" Cards

The images on these beautiful cards are based on drawings from the Book of Kells. There are four different designs with a card of each in every packet. The cards have been designed by the…


Speaking Our Language

These books are based on the tv series of the same name. The learner is provided with vocabulary and phrases useful in everyday situations with the course focusing on conversation. The aim is to learn…


The Gaelic-English Dictionary - Colin Mark

This is one of the most extensive Gaelic dictionaries and is recommended as course book to Gaelic students at some universities. In addition to vocabulary, this book offers numerous examples of idioms and their use…


Gaelic-English & English-Gaelic Dictionary

This is a Gaelic dictionary edited by Boyd Robertson and Iain MacDonald. It contains 24 000 translations, including popular phrases and sections at the back of the book for place-names, personal names and important grammatical…


Christine Primrose - Without Seeking, Without Asking

On this CD Christine Primrose, who is from Lewis, performs a variety of songs, some well-known (such as "A Mhairead Òg" and "Òganaich an Òr-Fhuilt Bhuidhe"), others less well-known. Christine's pure, clear voice has become…