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Aon - Stiùidio Ostaig

This CD was recorded at Stiùdio Ostaig, the new recording studio recently built at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. The CD features tutors from the music course as well as current students and students who have recently graduated. The CD showcases the high level and status that music has at the college and is a real bargain!

Track list:

01. Doctor Allan MacDonald (An Dòtair Mòr); Chan eil Fonn air an Nighean Dubh; Sgitheanach an earbaill fhada; Dè bha sibh ris, a Chaluim Mhòir?

02. Gad Ionndrainn

03. Across the Fence; The Shoemaker's Daughter; Larry's Favourite

04. Chunnaic mi uam a' Bheinn

05. The Maid on the Green; Bronni's Blue Brozzi; Donnie MacGregor

06. Guileagag Mòrag


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