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Ainmeil thar Cheudan: Presentations to the 2011 Sorley MacLean Conference

The Ainmeil thar Cheudan conference was held at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig in Skye in June of 2011, the centenary year of the birth of Sorley MacLean. It was clear that he had excelled in many…


A’ Cleachdadh na Gàidhlig: slatan-tomhais ann an dìon cànain sa choimhearsnachd

This is a collection of papers by scholars, activists, business people, teachers etc. on a broad range of issues related to promoting and maintaining the use of Gaelic in a variety of types of…


Sùil air an t-Saoghal: buaidhean eadar-nàiseanta air sgrìobhadh sa Ghàidhlig

They say each language provides a different way of looking at the world, a new way of creating the world. This volume asks how Gaelic literature in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries views the…


A’ Ghàidhlig agus Beachdan nan Sgoilearan: cothroman leasachaidh ann am foghlam tro mheadhan na Gàidhlig

As different research projects on the success of Gaelic medium education (GME) pupils have shown, the system works very well as far as academic aims are concerned. However, while GME is successful on an educational…


Sùil air an t-Saoghal

Sùil air an t-Saoghal is an interesting book which was compiled by Patrick MacKay and Niall O'Gallagher. The book looks at the effects international influences have had on Gaelic literature. Writers such as Angus Peter…