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Làimhsich agus Fairich a' chiad Leabhar-chleasan

Young children will enjoy handling and feeling the different shapes and textures in this lovely , colourful book.

Acair 2012


Na Caraidean - Julia Donaldson

Acair, 2013

This is a lovely story about a young girl and her five paper dolls.

It's a lyrical story about childhood and the power of imagination written by the brilliant Julia Donaldson with wonderful…


Latha Bha Siud - M. Christina Butler & Tina Macnaughton

This is one of the new “Làimhsich agus Fairich” (Handle and Feel) books by Acair, that use materials as part of the pictures. In this story Bìodag visits her cousin Gràineag Beag and together they…


Spùinneadairean Dubh na h-Oidhche - Peter Harris & Deborah Allwright

At nightfall when he's in bed, Tòmas think that he can see a monster or ghost in his room. But he is wrong. It's pirates (and some of them very unusual)! What are they wanting…


Cudail Chan fhaigh Mi... - David Melling

Do you sometimes feel like you'd like a cuddle? Dòmhnall does and he sets off to find the best cuddle in the world.

This is the Gaelic version of “Hugless Douglas”, the story of a…


Chan e sin mo cheann-fionn... - Fiona Watt

This book is for very young children. It aims to encourage their senses and language skills with the use of colourful pictures and different materials on each page. Children will enjoy turning from page to…