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Blas na Gàidhlig - Michael Bauer

This is a brilliant book on a complex subject; the pronunciation of Scottish Gaelic. Even those with little or no knowledge of concepts such as the Phonetic Alphabet will discover exactly why sounds work the…


Angus Watson Dictionary

This dictionary provides translations for a wide range of words, including fairly new subject areas such as IT. It also includes many proverbs and guidance regarding the different registers of Gaelic and  is warmly recommended…


Brìgh nam Facal - Richard A.V. Cox

This dictionary by Richard A.V. Cox contains more than 9,000 words. In addition to explaining the meaning of words it indicates the type of word - noun, verb, adjective etc - and the forms it…


Speaking Our Language

These books are based on the tv series of the same name. The learner is provided with vocabulary and phrases useful in everyday situations with the course focusing on conversation. The aim is to learn…


The Gaelic-English Dictionary - Colin Mark

This is one of the most extensive Gaelic dictionaries and is recommended as course book to Gaelic students at some universities. In addition to vocabulary, this book offers numerous examples of idioms and their use…


Gaelic-English & English-Gaelic Dictionary

This is a Gaelic dictionary edited by Boyd Robertson and Iain MacDonald. It contains 24 000 translations, including popular phrases and sections at the back of the book for place-names, personal names and important grammatical…