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Broadcast & Recording Facilities

Skye Space

Skye Space is a first class, fully equipped studio at the heart of a lively community. It is the premier further education institution for television and media studies in the Gaelic language. Skye Space is fundamental to the training and skills development for Gaelic broadcasting. It is full broadcast and production studio facility with an exceptionally equipped production gallery and audio and post production facilities. There is more information on the studio's website


Stiùidio Ostaig

Stiùidio Ostaig is a new, high-spec, professional sound recording studio located at the original campus at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. The studio gallery is outfitted with industry-standard equipment, including a Digidesign C|24 control surface and Protools technology and the recording space is one of the largest in Scotland. The studio is placed in a vibrant Gaelic cultural and educational environment and is integrated with the rest of the college's facilities, including two excellent and quite different performance venues, rehearsal spaces, catering facilities and lots of accommodation.

At Stiùidio Ostaig, musicians can engage with a vibrant music community, relax, rehearse and let their music take shape at leisure in one of the most beautiful and inspiring landscapes in Scotland. For more information, please visit our or contact Dr Decker Forrest at