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Evening Classes Online

Covid 19 has had a major impact on many communities, our own included, but whilst we are unable to welcome you to our campus at this time, we can still offer you the chance to continue your learning with us online. So, wherever you are, you can can join us and take part in our programme of online evening classes, from the comfort of your own home. The following courses are now available for online tuition via Zoom.  These courses will run over ten weeks, on Tuesday evenings, with each course comprising one class each evening, running from 19:00 to 20:15, all included in the one fee. 

These courses offer a flexible, responsive and sociable learning environment for students who find themselves unable to commit to long-term intensive programmes of study and who wish to improve their Gaelic in a fun, informal setting.  The course design is based on a recognition that many learners of Gaelic have taken a circuitous path via a variety of learning opportunities, e.g. community night classes, parent support as part of GME, self-directed study, as well as more formal learning. As a result, they have often covered an uneven landscape of language targets which contains gaps and insecurities. They may be competent with regard to grammar but lack confidence with regard to spoken Gaelic. They may feel happy to chat freely but have difficulty with specific concepts. Whilst these classes follow a set syllabus, delivery will be flexible to the needs of each group, and learning will be co-created by tutors and students. Support materials are available to teach language concepts through visually stimulating activities, and the syllabus will provide structure and progression as required. However, it is expected that each class will be unique in its dynamic in response to the students. This creates opportunities for flexible access: any student wishing to spend more time on language points could repeat a course at the same level and find that it covers similar ground in different ways.  Learning levels are self-identified and there are no formal assessments. This allows students to gauge their level by confidence as well as competence in order to ensure an appropriate level of challenge in a vibrant, empowering learning environment.

Please follow the link for the course you would like to attend. 
Let us know if you are a Young Scot card holder, as you could get 30% off your course fee!


Dates and Courses

 We'll be updating this list with more courses as the year progresses, so if you don't see what you're looking for just yet, please come back later!


12 January - 16 March

Gaelic 1

Gaelic 2

Gaelic 3

Gaelic 4


B Beginners
LI Lower Intermediate
UI Upper Intermediate
ADV Advanced
u21s Under 21s






For information on Course Content of each Gaelic Level, click on the links below:

Gaelic Level 1 Gaelic Level 2
Gaelic Level 3 Gaelic Level 4
Gaelic Level 5 Gaelic Level 6
Gaelic Level 7 Gaelic Level 8
Gaelic Level 9 Gaelic Level 10
Gaelic Level Equivalences


Assistance for those who are unfamiliar with the course booking system can be found here.

Help with the UHI system may also be obtained at +44 (0) 1463 279 150 or via .

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Team on +44 (0)1471 888 240 or by email

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