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Evening Community Classes - Winter 2017


We are pleased to introduce our next block of community classes starting on Tuesday 7th February and running every Tuesday until 28th March.  The classes will be 2 hours long, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

Three classes will be on offer:

  • Complete Beginners – for those who have very little or no Gaelic, wishing to grasp the basics.
  • Complete Beginners Continuing – for those who participated in our previous Autumn complete beginner's course.
  • Post Beginners – for those who have a smattering of Gaelic, who may have previously attended a beginners' course.

Classes will take place in Ionad Iain Noble (our newest building).  Classes start at 6.30pm each evening and there will be a brief welcome/registration session (with a form to fill in) on the first evening.  

Each course costs £55 for all 8 evenings (payable prior to the course starting) and refreshments will also be provided.  Picking up on feedback from the last session of evening classes, we are now offering classes for 2 hours instead of an hour and a half and also running for 8 weeks instead of 6, which means you'll be getting more learning & teaching time!

To book your place, please call the Short Courses Team on 01471 888 240/246 or email your interest to