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European Projects

Over the years Sabhal Mòr Ostaig has been involved in projects with other colleges, universities, schools and organizations on mainland Europe, and has thereby built links with other languages, such as Basque, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Irish, Catalan, and many more.

Through the participation of Tobar an Dualchais in the Europeana Sounds project, with its 24 partner organizations from all over Europe, we helped build a gateway to make Europe’s sound heritage more openly available, gathering together online a collection of over 600,000 sound recordings.

Currently we are taking an important part in the three-year (2018-2021) COOL project.



COOL is the latest in the very successful “POOLS” series of projects in which SMO has participated, including POOLS itself, POOLS-2, POOLS-3, POOLS-T, TOOLS and more, all of which stemmed from the original, award-winning POOLS project led by SMO in 2005-2007.  And it’s from POOLS that the “Island Voices” project also came, which is still going. These projects provide open, online, shared resources to assist language learning, and in particular “CLIL”, content and language integrated learning, which is exactly what SMO has been practicing since its inception.  COOL includes partners in Valencia, Denmark, Ulster, Malta and Milan.

In COOL we are further developing the language-learning resources at Multidict, Wordlink and Clilstore.  In particular we will be building and improving on the facilities at Clilstore, by providing: a student login and improved interface, the ability for students to build up vocabulary lists which can be strengthened via exercises, the ability for teachers to add exercises to Clilstore units, and a user-interface in various languages.

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