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European Projects

Over the years Sabhal Mòr Ostaig has been involved in projects with other colleges on mainland Europe. Through POOLS, POOLS-2, POOLS-T and others we have been building links with other languages, such as Basque, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, and more. Now, through TOOLS and POOLS-3 we are also working in Irish and Catalan, amongst others.

In TOOLS we are developing a software program, named “Clilstore”, which lets you create pages online which are useful for both teachers and learners. And in POOLS-3 we are helping colleges in other countries to use computing in teaching and learning.


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Website at
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Europeana Sounds

Sabhal Mòr Ostaig is also a member of the Europeana Sounds consortium through the participation of Tobar an Dualchais in that project.  Europeana Sounds is working to open the gateway to Europe’s sound and music heritage and is made up of 24 partners from all over Europe.  One of its main objectives is to increase the amount of content available via Europeana to one million items by January 2017.