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Full Publication Scheme Contents

Reference Class Name Class Definition

1.1 Name and Address Name of institution and the address of it's principal office
1.2 Principal Officers Names of the principal officers of institution
1.3 Contact Information Information on how to contact the institution
1.4 Location Information on the institution's principal office and other main locations, including campus maps.
1.5 Opening Hours Opening hours of the principal office (s)
1.6 Academic Year Dates Information on dates of the institution's academic year
1.7 Holidays Dates of closure of the institution
1.8 Complaints Procedures on how to complain about the institution
1.9 Document Serving Arrangements for serving official documents on the institution
1.10 FOI Contact General contact point for Freedom of Information

2.1 Freedom of Information Requests Details of how to request information form the College
2.2 Personal Information Requests Details of how to make subject access requests under the Data Protection Act
2.3 Freedom of Information Policies Institutional Freedom of Information policies and procedures
2.4 Data Protection Policies Institutional Data Protection policies and procedures

3.1 Legal Framework Information on how the institution was established and its standing for a legal perspective
3.2 Governance Structure The institution's governance structures and operational procedures
3.4 Conflict of Interests The institution's conflict of interests policies
3.5 Register of Interests Institutional register of interests
3.6 Institutional Structure A description of the institution's major organisation al units and how these relate to each other
3.7 Major Committees The activities of major committees with devolved decision-making powers.
3.8 Relationship to the General Council The legal and structural basis of the institution's relationship with its General Council (or similar statutory body representing its graduates)
3.9 General Council Information on the operation and activities of the General Council
3.10 Subsidiary Companies Information on the names, broad functions and purposes of companies where the institution is a major stakeholder
3.11 Environmental Impact Assessment Reports undertaken in compliance with the Town and Country Planning ( Environmental Impact Assessment) (Scotland) Regulations 2017

4.1 Financial Statements The institution's annual accounts
4.2 Budgetary Processes Policies and procedures for making budgetary allocations to major budgetary units
4.3 Budgets Overview Summary of budgetary allocations to major budgetary units
4.4 Financial Regulations Institution's financial administration manual
4.5 Insurance Summary information on the institution's major insurance policies
4.6 Senior Staff Remuneration Principal's remunerations and statistical information on the remuneration of other senior staff required to be published under the SHEFC Financial Memorandum
4.7 Investments Summary of information on institutional endowments and investments

5.1 Mission Institution's Mission Statement
5.2 Corporate Plan Institution's Corporate or Strategic Plan
5.3 Strategies Major Institutional strategy documents
5.4 Performance indicators Indicators used by the governing body and senior management to measure overall institutional performance
5.5 Planning Procedures Internal procedures for planning and resource allocation

6.1 Procurement Policies Institution's policies on major procurement exercises
6.2 Procurement Procedures Institution's procurement and purchasing manuals
6.3 Procurement Contacts Contact information for procurement and purchasing information
6.4 Planned Procurements Summary information about the institution's significant planned procurements.
6.5 Tender Documentation EU prescribed documentation for significant procurements
6.6 Supplier Contracts Overview of the institution's major contracts
6.7 Additional Information Information published in accordance with the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014, the Procurement (Scotland) Regulations 2016 and the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015
    Register of contracts awarded, which have gone through formal tendering, including name of supplier, period of contract and value.
    Procurement Information the institution publishes on the Public Contracts Scotland website.

7.1 Staff Profile Statistical information on staff
7.2 Recruitment Policies Policies, statements, procedures and guidelines relating to recruitment
7.3 Employment Terms Generic terms and conditions of employment
7.4 Performance Management Policies and procedures relating to performance management
7.5 Promotion Policies, statements, procedures, guidelines and statistics relating to promotion, regrading and salary reviews.
7.6 Pensions Policies and guidelines on pension arrangements for staff
7.7 Discipline Disciplinary procedures and policies
7.8 Grievance Grievance procedures and policies
7.9 Race Relations Race equality policies
7.10 Equal Opportunities Equality and diversity polices, statements, procedures and guidelines.
    Mainstreaming Equality Reports produced under the Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) (Scotland) Regulations 2012.
    Employee and board Equality Monitoring Reports produced under the Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) (Scotland) Regulations 2012.
7.11 Employee Relations Collective bargaining and consultation procedures with recognised Trade Unions and Professional Organisations and agreements reached.
7.12 Public Interest Disclosure Information required for compliance with the Public Interest Disclosure Act
7.13 Staff Development Policies and procedures relating to the ongoing development of staff
7.14 Staff records The institution's policy on the collection, maintenance and use of personal information about staff.
7.15 Staff Facilities Description of the facilities and services available to members of staff.

8.1 Description of Estate Overview of the institution's estate
8.2 Estate Development Plans Plans for major changes to the estate
8.3 External Funding Plans for use of major external capital and other sources of external income
8.4 Buildings under construction Summary information about buildings under construction
8.5 Tender Documentation Documentation for invitations to tender as required by EU regulations
8.6 Maintenance Maintenance arrangements and policies for buildings and grounds
8.7 Estates Indicators Performance indicators on major estates functions
8.8 Environmental Policies The institution's environmental policies, practices and overview of their impact

9.1 Policies Policies, procedures and guidelines relating to health and safety
9.2 Annual Reports Reports to governing body on health and safety issues
9.3 Statistics Mechanisms for monitoring and reporting on health and safety issues
9.4 Support Structures Information on the institution's support structures for health and safety
9.5 Contact Information Details of how to get information about health and safety

10.1 Disability Policies Policies, procedures and guidelines relating to support for disabled people
10.2 Support Structures A description of the institution's support structures for disability issues
10.3 Contacts Details of how to get information about support for disabled people.
10.4 Accessibility of buildings and services The levels of accessibility of each of the institution's main buildings and services
10.5 Strategies The institution's strategies for improving support for disabled people
10.6 Statistics Summary statistics on support for disability within the institution

11.1 Course Information Programmes offered by the institution
11.2 Admissions The institution's admissions procedures and policies
11.3 Fees and Charges Tuition fees and other charges to students
11.4 Registration The institution's arrangements for registering students
11.5 Assessments Arrangements for assessments and examinations
11.6 Progression Regulations governing student progression
11.7 Learning support services Description of the availability of the academic and non-academic learning support services offered by the institution.
11.8 Student Liaison The structure and functioning meetings of staff/student consultative committees or other liaison groups. 
11.9 Student Welfare A description of the availability and range of the institution's welfare and advice services
11.10 Chaplaincy Services A description of the institution's chaplaincy services. 
11.11 Health Services A description of the medical support services provided by the institution for students. 
11.12 Careers Services Availability, conditions of use and range of services offered by the institution's careers' service
11.13 Sports and Recreational Facilities Availability, conditions of use and any range of sporting and recreational facilities offered by the institution
11.14 Student records The institution's policies on the collection, maintenance and use of personal information about students
11.15 Student Discipline The institution's policies and procedures for disciplinary proceedings against students
11.16 Student Accommodation Availability, conditions of use and any range of accommodation services offered by the institution
11.17 Graduation Arrangements Information about awards ceremonies
11.18 Student Complaints Procedures for dealing with student complaints about the institution
11.19 Relationship with the Students Union/Association The legal and structural basis of the institution's relationships with the Students' Union/Association
11.20 Students' Union/Association and clubs Information on the operation and activities of the Students Union and other student clubs

12.1 Programme Approval Programme approval and monitoring arrangements
12.2 Student Satisfaction Summary results of surveys of student satisfaction with the institution
12.3 Institutional Internal Reviews Summary of the findings and evidence presented to teams undertaking the institution's own internal reviews of quality and standards
12.4 Professional accreditation of courses by external bodies The nature of accreditation by professional, statutory or regulatory bodies, including accreditation and monitoring reports
12.5 Validation A description of courses where the institution acts as an external examination body or validates the examination and qualifications of other, including 'joint awards'
12.6 Quality Assurance assessments of the institution's provision Reports submitted to (and received from) external accreditation bodies relating to assessment of the institution's provision

13.1 Library Facilities Availability and conditions of use of library facilities
13.2 Library Stock Institution's library reference and lending collection
13.3 Computing Facilities Availability and conditions of use of computing facilities
13.4 Other information facilities Availability and conditions of use of facilities
13.5 Major strategy documents High-level aims and strategies of information services units

14.1 Alumni Arrangements for keeping in touch with former staff and students
14.2 Community Relations Description of the facilities and services available to the local community
14.3 Development Activities Promotional material relating to institutional fundraising objectives
14.4 Public Relations Information created specifically to publicise facilities and activities.

15.1 Funding body statistical reports and returns Information that the institution is legally obliged to make available to its funding body
15.2 HMIe Reports Reports on Institution by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education (HMIE)
15.3 Other Statutory Reports Information which the College is legally required to publish
15.4 Information on student admissions, progression and completion Statistical information on these matters which the institution is required by Funding Council to publish