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What do I need?

The biggest thing on my mind when I first thought of taking the big step moving to the college was, what do I need bring? I know now I wasn’t alone in thinking this either after talking to other students since moving here. More most people moving to Sabhal Mòr Ostaig is their first time living away from home and even for those that have been away before, living at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig can be very different because we are so rural.

It’s kind of obvious that you need to take the basics with you like your toothbrush and clothes but there are some things you just always seem to forget, or you don’t even think of taking. This is a list made by students, for students, of things we think you need to bring to Sabhal Mòr Ostaig that maybe you wouldn’t expect:

-Warm and Waterproof Clothing (the weather here is very wet!)

-Shoes/Boots suitable for walking that are waterproof (there are lots of pretty places to go for a wander)

-A Teddy (You’re never too old to have one)

-Personal Belongings like fairy-lights and photos (This will make your new room feel more comfy and homely)

-Lots of snacks, tea and coffee (The co-op is a wee stretch away)

- Cleaning stuff for clothes and dishes (There are machines on campus, but you will need your own powder/liquid)

-A Tupperware box (You might want to take food away from the canteen to eat later or just in your room)

-A water bottle (You will get thirsty in classes and they’re always useful)

-An extension cable (Just so you definitely have enough plug sockets for your devices)

-Your own bed covers (The college provides some, but it adds a bit of personality to your room)

-Enough stationery and notepads (You will need these for classes)

-Enough soaps for the shower (The shop might not have the one you like)

-Night-out clothes (There are lots of ceilidhs so it’s a good idea to take a few outfits, so you aren’t always wearing the same one)

-Coat hangers (People always forget they need something to hang their clothes on)

-A big washing basket (Won’t wash your clothes as often as you think you will)

-Some Blutack (You don’t know what you will need it for till you need it)

-Storage Containers (Its useful to have a bit of space to keep stuff in your room)

I hope you find this useful and it takes a bit of stress away from this exciting part of your life!