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Health & Wellbeing

Although you might be at college, and you will get advice and information about health instead of warnings, it'€™s up to you how you live your life.

You can find out how drink and diet can affect your health, and you will be given advice on drugs and the law. What you decide is up to you, but we will offer you all the assistance you need to make an informed decision.

As a student at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, you'€™re advised to register at Sleat Medical Centre, just 10 minutes walk from the College, where you can access any medical assistance you might need.

There are many ways to get fit and keep fit during your time at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig through exercise, or by joining one of the clubs at the College such as the karate club or circuit training group '€“ students are encouraged to form clubs based on their own personal interests, too '€“ and there are local swimming pools, and team sports such as badminton, shinty and football are played nearby.

Safe pavements and paths near the College mean you can walk or cycle around the campuses.

Whilst at College, your personal relationships may change and confidential information about sexual health and relationships is available.

Mental health is important, too. A healthy mind allows you to fulfill your personal and academic potential, and guidance on mental health problems is available from Student Support Services.

Students of any or no religious belief can safely practise their religion, as we understand how faith can be an important part of life.

Your health, physical and emotional, is your responsibility but you will be offered appropriate support and guidance.


Outbreaks of Meningitis in student populations receive a great deal of publicity and the disease causes great fear as a result. Under new Government Policy all students entering University for the first time should have been offered immunisation against Meningitis C. Students are advised to contact their local GP to arrange immunisation.