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400 - Language

Picture of the book   Place Names of Skye
with Mythical, traditional and historical lore
  Author: Forbes, Alexander Robert
Published:  Paisley: Alexander Gardner ltd, 1923
  Format pdf
picture of the item   Gaelic Plant Names: Study of their uses and lore
1) Roots and Stems
2) In Dietetic Use
3) Plants Used in Healing
4) Their Uses in Magic and Religious Customs
5) Industrial
6) Plants and Trees used as Clan Badges
  Author:   Macfarlane, A. M.
Published:   [Inverness] [s.n.] 1924.
  Format pdf
Format doc
Format txt
picture of the item   Comhraidhean.  An Gaelig 's am Beurla
Parallel texts of conversations on a range of subjects, for learners
  Author:  Macinnes, Duncan, ca. 1820-1903.
Published:  Edinburgh : Maclachlan and Stewart, 1880 (Aberdeen : A. King)
  Format pdf
Format doc
Format txt
picture of the book   How to Read Gaelic
Gaelic Language instruction book
  Author:  Whyte, John, 1853-1893.
Published:   Inverness : Northern Chronicle Office, 1897.
  Format pdf