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Research Lectures 2018



15:00, Seòmar Chanaigh, ACC, SMO

Richard Cox

Dùn Ad

The history of this placename is a little unclear. In this lecture, which will look at various etymologies, the different historical forms (Att, At, Ad) will be discussed and how relevant sounds were changed from Old to Modern Gaelic.



15:00, Seòmar Chanaigh, ACC, SMO

Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle

Bunadas – goireas gus faclan dàimheach a lorg, Gàidhlig agus ceilteach agus Innd-Eòrpach

There are now more than 50,000 words in Bunadas, the College’s online database between Irish, Manx, and Scottish Gaelic, Old Irish and Welsh and many other languages, all connected in a network and linked to dictionaries in the separate languages. A facility to help research words and language histories, and to learn more about the words themselves.



15:00, Seòmar Chanaigh, ACC, SMO

Sam Duncan, UCL Institute of Education

Lend me your Ears: When and why adults may read aloud rather than in silence

Sam is working on a two-year project examining whether, when, how and why we, as adults, may read aloud in our everyday lives. She’s trying to capture as wide a range of practices as possible to create a record of contemporary adult reading aloud practices and purposes. She’s investigating a range of questions, including the use of different languages, using a questionnaire, Mass Observation Directive, individual interviews and audio-recordings of practices. She would love to share what she’s found so far and ask our advice about where to look next.

Sam Duncan is an adult literacy teacher, teacher educator and researcher working at the UCL Institute of Education in London.

Here’s the project website:



15:00, Seòmar Chanaigh, ACC, SMO

Anna-Elisabeth Holm, Heriot Watt University

Faroese – An Introduction and Research Study

A brief outline of the development of Faroese, and a portrayal of the present language situation focusing in particular on contemporary dynamics within a changing sociolinguistic landscape. Added to the latter, Anna-Elisabeth will speak about her research, which is about language and migration in the Faroe Islands. She focuses in particular on migrants' language learning and employment experiences.

The term 'minority' language would not apply in a Faroese context, within the island community, but in demographic and political terms, it is a minority/minoritized language within the state of Denmark. In this globalized era, Faroese faces many of the challenges and constraints that other minority, small or minoritized languages in other contexts are facing.