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Dr Heather Sparling, Cape Breton University

The Language in Lyrics Project: Corpus Planning, Transcription Frolics, and a Nova Scotia Gaelic Song Index.

The Language in Lyrics project is a Nova Scotia Gaelic song and language documentation project ( that aims to digitize select Gaelic song texts from Nova Scotia for inclusion in the Digital Archive of Scottish Gaelic (DASG). As part of this project, the team has developed “transcription frolics” to crowd-source transcriptions of archival recordings, as well as an index of approximately 3,000 Gaelic songs known in Nova Scotia which they would like to share publicly. This talk will focus on the project’s development, challenges, and opportunities, providing insights “from behind the curtain” that will interest those engaged in public scholarship, digital humanities, and community development.


Zoom details:

Meeting ID: 608 657 0437

Seminars begin at 1pm - please join the waiting room ten minutes before to allow us time to admit you (and say hello!); the room will be locked ten minutes after the start of the seminar. The full programme of seminars can be found here.