Ortha nan Gaidheal


I am smooring the fire
As the Son of Mary would smoor;
Blest be the house, blest be the fire,
Blest be the people all.

Who are those down on the floor ?
John and Peter and Paul.
On whom is the vigil to-night ?
On the fair gentle Mary and on her Son.

The mouth of God said,
The angel of God spake,
An angel in the door of the house,
To guard and to keep us all
Till comes daylight to-morrow.

Oh! may the angels of the Holy One of God
Environ me all this night,
Oh! may the angels of the Anointed One of God
Encompass me from harm and from evil,
Oh! encompass me from harm this night.
Niall MacFhionnlaigh, A' Chiste Ghàidhlig, a chuir na teacsaichean seo gu léir bho Carmina Gadelica air an làrach-lìn aig Sabhal Mór Ostaig ann an 1995
2001-04-08 CPD