Ortha nan Gaidheal


WHEN it is necessary to provide a small quantity of meal hastily, ears of corn are plucked and placed in a net made of the tough roots of the yellow bedstraw, bent, or quicken grass, and hung above a slow smokeless fire. The bag is taken down now and again to turn the ears of corn. This net, however, can only be used for bere or barley; rye and oats, being more detachable, require the use of a pot or 'tarran' to dry them. This mode of drying corn is called 'fuirireadh,' parching, and the corn ' fuirireach,' parched. The meal ground from the grain is called 'min fhuiriridh,' parched meal. Bread made of meal thus prepared has a strong peaty flavour much relished by the people.

Niall MacFhionnlaigh, A' Chiste Ghàidhlig, a chuir na teacsaichean seo gu léir bho Carmina Gadelica air an làrach-lìn aig Sabhal Mór Ostaig ann an 1995
2001-04-09 CPD