Opera is now available in Gàidhlig from the Opera download site:

(Thanks to the translation work done by Akerbeltz)

The remainder of this page relates to an old version and is of purely historic interest...

Scottish Gaelic version of the Opera web-browser
(English summary of the installation instructions)

The Windows version of the Opera browser is now available in Scottish Gaelic.

The translation was done by Sabhal Mòr Ostaig as part of the DART project of the European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages.

To set up the Scottish Gaelic version of Opera

  1. Download and install Opera 5.11 in English.

  2. Run this self-extracting zip file: opera-gd.exe.
    (If you already had Opera and had personal bookmarks set up, save them first)
    This will copy the Gàidhlig files to the right places.
    If your setup is standard, you should leave the options as they are - i.e. "Unzip to folder C:\" and "Overwrite files without prompting".

  3. Open Opera, go to File, Preferences, Languages, User Interface, and switch to "Scots Gaelic".
2001-06-02 CPD