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The list WELSH-L is for discussions in the Welsh language (or the related languages Breton and Cornish). There are occasional postings in English which discuss learners' questions or Welsh grammar questions. WELSH-L is also a good resource for intermediate or advanced learners of Welsh, who may find that following the list improves their language skills.

If you are just beginning to learn Welsh, you would probably prefer the list Cymraeg-L, which is for beginners and contains a lot of English (with a glossary or translation for each Welsh posting).

Other Internet resources on Welsh language and culture are listed below.

Subscribing to WELSH-L:
If your name is "Joe Bloggs" you subscribe to Welsh-L by sending a one-line message:


to listserv@listserv.heanet.ie
(The subject of the message is ignored.)

You will receive a message with details about the administration of WELSH-L. Please save this message for future reference.

  • Another place for general discussion is the soc.culture.welsh newsgroup (most postings are in English).
  • For those who are new to Welsh culture, there is a soc.culture.welsh FAQ list, with much information (in English) about Wales and all things Welsh.
  • There is a searchable and threaded web interface to all past WELSH-L postings.
  • Mark Nodine's beginners' Welsh course.
  • Sami Laitala's Welsh links page.
  • Neil Sands' Welsh Connections page, wit many links.

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