Thanks to Reinhard F. Hahn (Ron) of Lowlands-L for very many suggestions and corrections.

Thanks to the following people who sent me comments and suggestions for links:

Aindreas Vogel
Alexey Mitroshin
Bogdan Banu
Cate Emerson
Chuan Pablo
Claus D. Pusch
Dennis King
Daniel Taddone
Dàvide Sivèro
Ed Lansink
Enrique Lizondo
Gebhard Kraft
Georg Deutsch
Geraint Jennings
Guido Mensching
Harald Süpfle
Heikki Isomaki
Howard McComas
Iain Mac an Tàilleir
Jeff Kish
Juris Kibuls
Kimberli Mäkäräinen
Nino Atria
Olaf Klöcker
Peter Ertel
Philippe Argouarch
Philippe Etxegorri
Sergio Franzese
Vassili Nikolaev
Yiannis Vitaliotis

Thanks to Evan Antworth of SIL for providing the language subfamily pages in the Ethnologue database for me to link to.

Thanks to many others besides, who gave me suggestions before I started keeping track of their names.

I would be very grateful to anyone else who can send me corrections, suggestions for new links, or suggestions for links which should be removed because they have now been superceded. My aim is not to clutter the list up with large numbers of links, but rather to give, ideally, two to four good comprehensive links for each language - "two to four" so that there is some backup in case a site disappears or is temporarily unreachable. I aim to link both to information in the language for speakers of the language, and also to some descriptive information about the language accessible to those who do not speak the language.

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2003-11-09 CPD