Tríar Manach i dteagasc meánscoile

Seo litir an-deas a fuaireamar ó mhúinteoir i Wien:

From: Margot Schnell
Subject: Three monks
Date: Sun, 09 Nov 2014

Dear Dennis King and Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle!

Thank you very much for your project on the three monks. I have heard about it, looked it up on the internet and then I began to like it.

I am a teacher and last month I had to act for my colleagues. At our English lessons, the pupils had to learn about Ireland and then I thought of your joke. I told the pupils about it and I printed out some versions and pinned it on the wall: the versions in German, English, Irish and—for new pupils at our school—in Czech and Polish. The two boys, who were not be able to speak German in September, were very happy about the joke in their mother-tongues. Then there came some other children: „And where is our language?“, „We want this text in Turkish!“, „We want it in Serbian!“

Then I decided to print out the joke in each language, that is spoken by pupils or teachers of our school. I began to ask the children: „What is your mother-tongue?“ The children were very proud of their tongues and liked to read their „own“ joke.

I also met some interesting situations. One boy, aged eleven, said: „My mother tongue is Punshabi, but I cannot read it.“ A girl—she was also new at our school and visited only the German-lessons—was very happy about „her“ joke in Swahili and began to read it out loud and made all the other children listening to her. It seemed strange to the audience, but the girl was so encouraged that it was a good feeling for all listeners.

In October I had to print out more and more jokes: Arabic, Chinese, Russian … Then we had a little problem: There was no Hungarian version, but a young collegue helped me out and translated the joke into Hungarian. In this point the coverage of our project overtook yours (but only in Hungarian)! I hope that you have got the Hungarian version from my collegue in the meantime.

I want to give you some photos of our school project and I hope you like it.

Kind regards,

Margot Schnell
Wiener Mittelschule Plankenmais
1220 Wien

2015-01-03 CPD