Trecheng Breth Féne
- 112 -

Trí labra ata ferr túa: ochán ríg do chath, sreth immais, molad iar lúag. Three speeches that are better than silence: inciting a king to battle, spreading knowledge (?)1, praise after reward2.

1 ‘Sreth immais’, which I have tentatively translated by ‘spreading knowledge’, is used as a technical term in poetry for connecting all the words of a verse-line by alliteration, as e.g. slatt, sacc, socc, simend, saland. See Ir. Texte iii., p. 30.

2 Cf. LL. 344a: Carpre asks Cormac what are the sweetest things he has heard, and Cormac answers: “A shout of triumph after victory, praise after reward, the invitation of a fair woman to her pillow.”

2008-06-24 CPD