Trecheng Breth Féne
- 127 -

Trí coiri bíte in cach dúini: coire érma, coire goriath, coire áiged. Three caldrons that are in every fort: the caldron of running (?), the caldron ‘goriath’,1 the caldron of guests.

1Quite obscure to me. There is a heavily glossed poem in II. 3. 18, beginning ‘Coire goriath’. In II. 2. 15, p. 117b, after the colophon to Dúil Laithne (Goid., p. 79), there are some further glosses, among which I find: goiriath .i. gardhamh in gach iath, erma .i. uasal-iompú no iar-iompa. But ‘érma’ seems the genitive of ‘érim’, ‘a course’.

2008-06-24 CPD