Trecheng Breth Féne
- 157 -

Trí aithne ná dlegat taisec: aithne n-écuind, 7 ardneimid 7 aithne fuirmeda. Three deposits that need not be returned: the deposits of an imbecile1, and of a high dignitary, and a fixed deposit2.

1 i.e. a deposit made by an imbecile. Cf. Plato, Republic: “But surely you would never give back to a mad friend a sword which he had lent you?”

2 But in the Heptads (Laws v. 196, 3) ‘aithne fuirmide’, there rendered by ‘a deposited charge’, is enumerated as one of those to be restored even if there are no bonds to that effect.

2008-06-24 CPD