Trecheng Breth Féne
- 237 -

Trí hamra Connacht: lige nÉothaili ’na thrácht. Comard hé frisin trácht. Intan atraig in muir, comard hé fria lán. Dirna (.i. cloch) in Dagdai, cia fochertar im-muir, cia berthair hi tech fo glass, dodeime a tiprait oca mbí. In dá chorr i n-Inis Cathaig, nocha légat corra aili leo inna n-insi 7 téit in banchorr isin fairrgi síar do duth, co tóet cona heisínib essi 7 nocon fagbat curaig eolus cia airm in doithi. Three wonders of Connaught: the grave of Eothaile1 on its strand. It is as high as the strand. When the sea rises, it is as high as the high tide. The stone of the Dagda. Though it be thrown into the sea, though it be put into a house under lock, . . . out of the well at which it is. The two herons in Scattery island. They let no other herons to them into the island, and the she-heron goes on the ocean westwards to hatch and returns thence with her young ones. And coracles have not discovered the place of hatching.

1 Cf. Trecheng #197. [sic., but see #107]

2008-06-24 CPD