Trecheng Breth Féne
- 248 -

Cetheora miscne flatha: .i. fer báeth utmall, fer dóer dímáin, fer gúach esindraic, fer labor dísceoil; ar ní tabair labrai acht do chethrur: .i. fer cerda fri háir 7 molad, fer coimgni cuimnech fri haisnéis 7 scélugud, brethem fri bretha, sencha fri senchas. Four hatreds of a chief: a silly flighty man, a slavish useless man, a lying dishonourable man, a talkative man who has no story to tell1. For a chief does not grant speech save to four: a poet for satire and praise, a chronicler of good memory for narration and story-telling, a judge for giving judgments, an historian for ancient lore2.

1 i.e., who has nothing worth hearing to say.

2 See a similar passage in Ancient Laws i., p. 18, and in the tale called, ‘The Conversion of Loegaire to the Faith’ (Rev. Celt. iv., p. 165).

2008-06-24 CPD