Simon Miller | 2007 | UK

Official selection: Edinburgh Film Festival 2007
Official selection: Rome Film Festival 2007


On DVD: 25th February 2008


The truth is in the story

When a young man, Angus, visits his dying Grandfather in hospital he cannot hold back his boyhood quest for the truth - the truth behind the death of his parents and the truth behind his Grandfather’s ancient, incredible, fearful stories. 

Stories from the whole swathe of Gaelic history of poisoned lovers, bloody revenge, water-horses and Spanish gold.   His Grandfather has saved the best story for last and leads Angus for the last time to one of Scotland’s most treacherous mountains, The Inaccessible Pinnacle, and an ancient truth he never expected to find.

Nominated for 3 Scottish BAFTAS including Best Film

‘reflective of something important happening on the artistic and cultural fringes of this’s the first Gaelic language feature film to secure cinematic distribution and part of an increasingly visible artistic movement to keep the language and traditions alive’  The Scotsman

‘by collaborating with local talent from Skye where the film was shot, the makers have fulfilled their goal of celebrating Gaelic myth and culture’ The List

“Glows with warmth and Humanity” The Observer
“A remarkable achievement” The Herald
“Excellent” The Sunday Times
“A magical, mystical tale of landscape, myth and storytelling’ The Telegraph
“Visually Breathtaking” BBC

Extras Package:
Subtitled in English, Welsh, Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic hard of hearing.
Interviews in English & Gaelic with cast & crew
Footage from the Caleidh reception at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2007
Deleted Scenes & Audio Commentary
“Foighidinn: The Crimson Snowdrop”, a short film by Simon Miller