Domhnall Ó Baoighill (c1863–1941) of Classy, Doochary, Co Donegal

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According to the information recorded on the Doegen speaker questionnaire in September 1931, Domhnall Ó Baoighill was born at Leitir Mhic an Bháird and was aged 68 at the time of recording. His father was a farmer from Leitir Mhic an Bháird, and his mother was from An Chlasaidh. In response to questions, he stated that he lived at An Chlasaidh until the age of 18, then went seasonally to Scotland until the age of 24. He was then in America until the age of 29, and on his return went seasonally to London for nine years. From then on he remained at home in An Chlasaidh. He attended primary school in Doire Luacháin. His occupation was stated to be a farmer. Irish was his mother language, and he could also speak English. He could read both languages and could write in English. The recording team noted "strong clear voice".

Domhnall Ó Baoighill was the son of James Boyle and Anne Devenney (or occasionally, Devine), who lived at An Chlasaidh, part of the townland of An Clochar Corr (Cloghercor). Church records give the birth of a daughter Nora or Honora or Hannah to this couple on 21/09/1868, while the civil registry has the birth of a daughter Mary on 01/06/1866 and a son Cornelis (who lived only 13 days) on 23/09/1868. The Donegal Genealogy Resources website, presumably using church records, gives the marriages of three children: Cecilia, who married Daniel McGeehan, Leitir Mhic an Bháird, on 30/01/1884 (4th degree consanguinity); Daniel, our speaker, who married Anne Boyle, Leitir Oiligh, dau of Cornelius Boyle, 15?/02/1893 (3rd degree consanguinity) — the civil marriage record gives the date as 15/01/1894; and Mary, who married John Gallagher, Dumhaigh, on 16/06?/1897. Domhnall's wife, Anne, was born to Cornelius Boyle and Bridget McGettigan at Leitir Oiligh on 14/01/1867. The register of Doire Luacháin school recorded the entry of Daniel Boyle of Classey aged 9 on 31/01/1874.

In 1901, in Cloghercor, Domhnall (Daniel 36), his wife (Annie 31) and three children (Patrick 5, Condy 2, John 1) were living with Domhnall's parents (James 80 and Anne 70; Anne was deaf and blind). All household members over 3 years of age were bilingual, except Anne who had Irish only. In 1911, James (90) was still named as head of the household, but was by then a widower; there were also Daniel (48) and Annie (44), who had been married for 17 years, with all 7 children still surviving. Only six of the children were resident in this household: Patrick 15, Condy 12, John 11, Daniel 7, Cornelius 4, and Joseph 7 months (the eldest, James, aged 16, was living with his maternal grandparents in Leitir Oiligh). All household members over 3 years of age were bilingual.

Domhnall Ó Baoighill, together with his neighbour Seán Ruadh 'ac a' Bháird (c1858–1924), was the source of a number of stories collected and printed by Edmund Curtis and particularly by Énrí Ó Muirgheasa (see the references below). Ó Muirgheasa described Ó Baoighill as a "rígh-sgéalaidhe", and mentions that Ó Baoighill learned the tale "Bruidhean Chaorthainn" from 'ac a' Bháird's uncle.

Domhnall died at An Chlasaidh on 1941/07/08, aged 77. His wife Anne died at An Chlasaidh on 1950/04/07, aged 83. Both deaths were registered by their son Joseph, the youngest of the family, who then went to Scotland, where he died in 1967. Joseph is buried in Glenties Old Graveyard, making it probable that the speaker is buried there also. The speaker's unmarried son Daniel died accidentally in Scotland in 1948. The speaker's son Patrick and his wife Annie both died in 1964 and were buried in Edeninfagh.

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Cornelius O'Boyle, son of the speaker
(Pioctúir: Ó Foinse go Farraige, 2006)

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Speculative family tree:

  Connell Boyle-----Bridget McGettigan                                  James Boyle-----Anne Devenney
  c1836–1908     |  c1836–1912                                          c1821–       |  c1831–
                 | Letterilly                                                        | Classey
    ---------------------------------           ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    |         |          |          |           |                              |                             |        |         |
  John     Bridget    Patrick  Anne Boyle-----DANIEL    Daniel McGeehin-----Cecilia      John Gallagher-----Mary     Nora     Cornelius
  1876–    1874–      1872–    1867–1950   |  c1863–1941                 |                               |  1866–    1868–    1868–1868
                                           |                             |                               |
                                           | m1894                       | m1884                         | m1897
                                           |  (3rd degree)               |                               |
                                           |  Ellen Boyle, Mulnamin
                                           |  (witness)
                                     James 1895
                                     Patrick 1896–1964: m 1954 Annie Boyle, c1907–1964, Banganboy; lived Banganboy; buried Edeninfagh
                                     Condy 1898
                                     John 1900; USA
                                     Daniel 1903–1946; Scotland; unmarried
                                     Cornelius 1907; postman, Doochary
                                     Joseph 1910–1967; Scotland; unmarried; buried Glenties Old Cemetery

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