Doimnic Ó Gallchobhair (1892–1940) of Doire 'n Chasáin, Na Dúnaibh, Co Donegal

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According to the information recorded on the Doegen speaker questionnaire in September 1931, Doimnic Ó Gallchobhair was born in Doire 'n Chasáin and was aged 36 at the time of recording. He was a shoemaker by profession. His father was a farmer from Downings, and his mother came from Tearmann. In response to questions, Doimnic stated that he spent all his life in Doire 'n Chasáin. He gave Irish as his mother language and could also speak English. He had not attended school, and could not read or write.

Doimnic was born at Doire 'n Chasáin on 22/11/1892, and was the fourth of eight children of John Gallagher and Ellen Doherty. He was living in the family home at Doire 'n Chasáin in both available censuses. In 1901, there was John 60 and Ellen 42, with children Thomas 14, Mary 10, Edward 9, Dominick 7, John 6, Michael 4, and Catherine 2, along with John senior's unmarried brother Dominick 62, also a farmer. All spoke Irish and English, except for Catherine who had Irish only. In 1911, there was John 71 and Ellen 57, who had been married for 25 years, with Thomas 24, Mary 22, Edward 20, Dominick 18, John 16, Michael 14, Catherine 12 and Hannah 10. All eight children were living. The elder Dominick was still there, a 73-year-old farmer. All the household spoke Irish and English. Doimnic was at school in 1901 and was a shoemaker in 1911.

The speaker's mother, Ellen Gallagher, died on 24/09/1934, aged 70. The speaker's younger brother John died in the First World War on 23/04/1917 aged 20, and is remembered in the Arras memorial, bay 6. The speaker died at Doire 'n Chasáin on 18/10/1940, aged 47, and was described as a shoemaker. He was unmarried. The death was registered by his brother Edward, also of Doire 'n Chasáin.

Recent references to Doimnic Ó Gallchobhair include:
      Róise Ní Bhaoill, Ulster Gaelic Voices, 2010, pp 78–9, 148–53.

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Speculative family tree:

                  |                          |
          Dominick Gallagher           John Gallagher---------Ellen Doherty
          c1838–                       c1840–            |    c1854–1934
                                       Na Dúnaibh        |    Tearmann
                                                         | c1886
     |            |            |           |             |              |           |            |
   Thomas       Mary        Edward      DOMINICK       John          Michael      Catherine    Hannah
   c1887–       c1889–      c1891–      1892–1940      c1894–1917    c1896–1943   c1899–      c1901–

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