Focal agus Áit — Gaelic Word Geography

These maps are based on the data contained in Heinrich Wagner's Linguistic Atlas and Survey of Irish Dialects (LASID), Volume 1. Scottish data comes from Wagner & Ó Baoill, LASID, Volume 4, Appendix I, and from Seumas Grannd, The Gaelic of Islay. Data from other sources may be taken into account later (see list of references below).

These are not the actual maps from LASID itself, but some generalization is made, and some interpretation added. There is a little latitude involved in this interpretation, and other interpretations are possible, but should not differ greatly.

First, in keeping with the object of these pages, which is more lexical than phonetic, Wagner's detailed phonetic forms are replaced on these maps by a broader transcription, close to normal Gaelic orthography but preserving the main features. This involves some grouping of Wagner's original forms. Second, the boundaries drawn between the groups are not precisely determined by the point data, particularly in Scotland where the LASID points are very sparse. Scottish and Manx forms are rendered on these maps by an Irish-oriented orthography (eg. using acute accents on vowels).

It frequently happens that several surface forms are predictable from a single underlying form, given the general (ie. not lexeme-specific) rules of the dialect. Thus, for example, a written form tráigh would be expected to be pronounced tráig in Munster and trá in Conamara; or written madadh should give mada in Conamara, madu in Ulster, and madaɣ in Scotland. For each map below, we note what appears to be the most widespread underlying written form, while noting in brackets additional forms not predictable from it (such as madra).

Dictionaries referred to on the maps include:
Dinneen: Foclóir Gaedhilge agus Béarla, 1927
Ó Dónaill: Foclóir Gaeilge–Béarla, 1977
Cox: Brigh nam Facal, 1991
Manx: various, including Cregeen, Fockleyr ny Gaelgey, 1835

We begin with a few maps, and intend that others should follow.

open (LASID 1.146) foscailte (oscailte)
smoke (LASID 1.160b) toit; deatach; deathach; smúid; ceo
strand (LASID 1.266a) tráigh
trees (LASID 1.248b) cruinn (crainn, cruinnte); craobhan; bildean

Some possibilities for the near future:
madadh/mada/madra 56, 42
móna/mónadh (gs) 167
tagann/t(h)ig 243a
siúcra/siúchra 98
bomaite/moimeinte/nóiméad 234, 235
ní/cha 253, 285, 198
teach/tigh/toigh 295a, 147a
crua/cruaidh 201
tchidh/feiceann 123
bheir/tugann 299 (also relative form)
gheibh/faghann 82
ghnídh/deánann 256
sa tsaol
long o, open and closed
ofhráil, Aifhreann 203
damh/dom 290, 295a
v/w (Limavady)
Gaeilge vs Gaolainn vs Gaedhilg 114
as Gaeilge vs i nGaedhilg
cluin vs clois
eadar vs idir vs iodar 68
pill vs fill (Ox Mountains: pill)
chuaidh vs fuaidh (Ox Mountains: fuaidh)
abh ([oə] vs [ɑu]) 257a, 280b abhrán, srl.; 194a gabha
amh ([oə] vs [ɑu]) 289b camhsa, srl.
croidhe vs croí, buidhe vs buí srl
ceannaichidh vs ceannóchaidh vs ceannóí 15
- ar bith vs aon - (rud, duine,...) 25
gach aon vs gach uile 202
tuaim vs fuaim
rabh/robh vs raibh 258 (points 33,53,54,57,58,61,62,69,74,76,77,79,80,81,83,84,85,86)
foighid vs foighne 279
fós vs go fóill vs go seadh 169
gabhtha vs gaibhte, toghtha vs toighte
dóibh vs dóib vs daobhtha 259
sóinseál vs sinseál vs athrú 264
teanga vs teangaidh, leaba vs leabaidh, teine vs teinidh 141,164
sinn féin vs sinn fhéin vs muid féin vs muid héin 297
chomh vs go 47
Siobhán vs Siubhan 218 (points 12,28,29,35,37,38,45)
cnoc vs croc 245
lliom vs liom srl 290 (some points)
toigh vs tigh 147a
ar tháinig vs an dtáinig, ar thug vs an dtug, an ndubhairt vs ar dhubhairt 242
cuidiú vs cúnamh vs congnamh 30
faillte vs ailltreacha vs beanna 267
báid vs bádaí 270
éigin vs eighinteach(t) 94
máthair mhór vs seanmháthair 106
síleann vs ceapann vs is dóigh le 73
nua vs úr 78b
pingin vs pighinn 93
inghean vs nighean 105
gabháil cheoil, srl. 190 — absence of "canadh"
teorainn vs críoch 245
ait — pleasant vs strange
suidhe, luighe, croidhe, srl: 1 or 2 syllables

Some references for Gaelic word geography

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