Mac implementation of deadkey Gaelic keyboard (freeware)

I've put an attempt at a Mac deadkey keyboard for Irish and Scottish Gaelic in BinHex form on:

It's based on the SILKey program and you will also need to fetch:

To install, you have to copy the SILKey extension program to your system folder (extensions subfolder), and put the SILKey program and the SILKey Gaelic keyboard somewhere on your hard disk. However, the SILKey "extension" program doesn't seem to do its job; anyway, the keyboard is not installed on startup, but you have to browse your way to the SILKey program icon and click on it; if the Gaelic keyboard is not already seen to be there (as it may not be the first time), you click on "Install", otherwise just close the SILKey window by clicking outside it.

The Gaelic keyboard is set up to work over the Mac British layout.

As the Mac UK keyboard engraving is different from BS 4822, the deadkeys had to be different from what I use in Windows and in DOS. The apostrophe is still used for acute; the backquote is still used for grave, although it is in a different position; and I use the section symbol for dot-over, as the hash is not there at all.

Following the deadkey by space bar produces the deadkey's "own" character. I haven't yet found a way to produce the "own" character when the deadkey is pressed twice, but I'm still looking. Like Keyman for Windows, SILKey seems to have the bad habit, when you follow the deadkey with a character that can't combine, of producing just the second character, without the "own" character before it. I haven't found a way round this yet.

For dotted consonants, the EGT Mac Gaelic layout is assumed. Other things are: backquote+r > long-r; backquote+s > long-s; backquote+S > long-s- sdot; section+i > dotless-i. This is different from what I've done with Keyman for Windows. and I may wish to change it in the future.

As I have very little knowledge of Macs, feedback and error reports are very welcome.

Ciarán Ó Duibhín
1998-11-26 (link to SIL updated 2003-05-03)
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