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Do we have to have the Irish saying "leathanach baile" (FR 241) and the Scots saying "duilleag dachaidh"?!

We can all use "duilleog"/"duilleag", or else "clár", for the unit of web display of information. "Home" is not to do with "baile" or "dachaidh", but with returning to that unit which is the starting point, or logical root, of the web of documentation.  For me, this is the "ceann".

In French the usual term is "Page d'accueil" (or simply "Accueil").  In German, "Hauptseite" or "Startseite" is usual. Spanish "Página inicial".

So I would suggest "duilleog chinn" or "clár cinn".

Ciarán Ó Duibhín
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