Manx Gaelic: Chengey-ny-Mayrey Vannin

This is the www site for Chiollagh Books, a electronic and print imprint specialising in titles about the Manx language and folkways. This site has migrated from Oxford to Skye where it is now kindly hosted by SMO whose support over the years is acknowledged here with thanks.

Chiollagh Books

On this site you can find the entire back catalogue of Chiollagh Books now available for free download. Copyright is fully reserved for all material on this site. Clicking on the link for the “First Series” will bring you to the list of printed titles. Chiollagh eBooks represents a more recent publication effort and the titles here are electronic ones. Manx Notes is a electronic newsletter that contains reprints of source material (often with commentary) dealing with the Manx language and folklore. Kiaull Jiu Manninagh contains copies of my contributions to that newsletter reproduced here with footnotes. They are part of the Manx Notes series, but appear on a separate page for ease of reference. Chiollagh Preprints contains “work-in-progress” at present compilations of source material.

Stephen Miller (2016)