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Below you will find a list of all Sabhal Mòr Ostaig’s Course Modules: please be aware that these will NOT all run each year.

Undergraduate Modules – CertHe, DipHE and BA (Hons)

7Cùrsa Adhartais 01
7Cùrsa Adhartais 02
7Cùrsa Adhartais 03
7Cùrsa Ahartais 04
7Cùrsa Adhartais 05
7Cùrsa Adhartais 06
7Communication A
7Communication B
7Formal and Professional Language
7Workplace Experience
7‘The Gaelic World’ 1
7Gaelic Literature: Critical Skills
7Language in the Community
7Gaelic Story and Song
7Culture of the Gaels
7Scots Gaelic One
7Gaelic Music & Song 1
7Music Theory 1
7Preparing to Teach 1

8Scottish Onomastics
8Gaelic Language 2
8Language, Culture and Ethnicity
8Gaelic Poetry since 1900
8The Modern Short Story
8Gaelic Education in Scotland
8History of Gaelic Music
8Gaelic Music and Song 2
8Music Theory 2
8Preparing to Teach 2

9Gaelic Language 3
9Research Skills
9Modern Gaelic Prose Writing
9Irish Language
9The Written History of Gaelic
9Traditional Gaelic Culture
9Gaelic Poetry 1600-1900
9Language Policy and Planning
9Developing Gaelic Communities:  Practical Skills
9Children and their learning
9Professional Practice 1
9European Philosophy
9Gaelic Music Performance 3
9Gaelic Song 3
9Professional and Presentational Skills
9Challenges in Rural and Other Areas

10Language Policy in the Workplace
10Degree Related Dissertation
10The Aos Dàna
10Gaelic Dialects
10Celtic Belief Systems
10Translation Skills
10Special Studies in GRSS
10Successful Sustainable Communities
10Professional Practice 2
10Critical and enquiring professional
10Gaelic Music Performance 4
10Themed Production
10Composing and Arranging Portfolio
10Recording and Producing


DipHE Gaelic Media

7Radio and Television Journalism
7Television Research and Production Skills
7Radio Production
7Communication Skills for Media
7Editing Skills
7Technical Skills
8Presentational Skills For Employment
8Enhancing Interpersonal Skills
8Effective Team Working
8Professional Practice


MEd Gaelic Education

11Supporting Diverse Learners
11Leading Learning in Gaelic Education
11Culture, Identity and Language Ideology in Gaelic Education
11Immersion Pedagogies and Practices within a Gaelic-Rich Environment
11Immersion Education and Language Acquisition in a Minority Language Context
11Gaelic for Educators 1
11Gaelic for Educators 2
11Practitioner Enquiry in Gaelic Education

MSc Material Culture and Gàidhealtachd History

11Environment and Sustainability
11Material Culture & European Ethnology
11Material Culture: Research Methods
11Regions and Identity
11Settlement and Land-use
11Contemporary Issues
11Migration: Cultural Continuity and Change
11Research Dissertation
11Historical Perspectives

Other Program Modules

7Gaelic for Learners 1A
7Gaelic for Learners 1B
8Gaelic for Learners 2A
8Gaelic for Learners 2B

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