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Multilingualism in the brain

29/05/18 at 1400

Seòmar Chanaigh, SMO, ACC

Professor Ferran Suay, University of Valencia

Functional effects of being bi- or multilingual are pretty well known and include not just an enhanced ability to learn new languages but also beneficial effects on memory and executive control. What are, though, the effects on the brain structure? Can multilingualism really affect and change deep brain structures? Differences in Grey and White matter’s composition have been found between monolingual and multilingual people. Moreover, even short periods of learning a new language are known to produce structural effects on our brains.

Professor Ferran Suay was born in València (1959) and is a native Catalan speaker. He has a PhD in Psychology (1993) and is Professor of the Department of Biopsychology (University of València). He also holds positions as President of ELEN (European Language Equality Network) and Vice-president of ACPV (the largest Valencian NGO promoting culture and language).

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