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BA Gaelic and Development

AWARD: Distance Learning
STUDY MODE: Distance Learning,Part-time
COURSE LEADER: Distance Learning Team
COURSE CONTACT: BA Gaelic and Development ( )


The distance-learning BA is at SCQF 9 and is equivalent to  level 3 of the BA degree at the College. Usually the distance-learning BA is undertaken on a part-time basis.

This Gaelic-medium degree aims to provide students with an education and training in Gaelic language and community development. This is a growing area of the Gaelic jobs market, with the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005 placing statutory requirements on agencies to produce Gaelic plans by skilled language officers.

You will compare Gaelic and its communities with minority languages and cultures elsewhere, in Ireland, Wales, mainland Europe, Scandinavia and North America.



Students are required to undertake six modules at level 3, made up of  compulsary modules (ie  those which are part of the scheme requirements and are common across the degree programmes) and also modules which are specific to each programme.

One of the six modules is an optional module i.e. a module which can be chosen from within your chosen degree programme or from another degree programme in the Gaelic & Related Studies scheme or, with the Programme Leader’s permission, a module from another degree within UHI, as long as the module can be delivered by distance-learning. (Please note that modules from other degree programmes outwith the Gaelic & Related Studies scheme will be delivered in English).  This mdule may be at SCQF 8, SCQF 9 or SCQF 10.

To gain a BA students must successfully complete the two modules in the scheme requirements, three modules from the Gaelic Language and Culture programme or the Gaelic and Development programme and one optional module.

Level 3 (SCQF 9) Modules No of modules to be completed
Compulsary Modules Gàidhlig 3

Sgilean Rannsachaidh



and Development Modules

Language Policy and Planning 1

Language Awareness

Globalisation and remote communities

Developing Gaelic Communities: Practical Skills

Developing Communities in the 21st Century

Nationalism and National Identity

Optional module European Philosophy

Another distance-learning module from SCQF level 8, 9,10



Students are required to have computer equipment which is appropriate to the needs of the course. Normally  this will include the following: a compuer and internet connection; web browser (such as Firefox or Internet Explorer) and e-mail account – staff at the College use Microsoft Office 365 to communicate with students. Students also need to have access to a phone to be able to participate in telephone classes. Students should not use mobile phones or Skype for the phone classes as there are  issues with noise.

Learning materials for these distance-learning modules are available on Blackbaord, UHI’s electronic virtual learning environment.  After registration students will be given access to Blackboard.

Usually there are two telephone classes per week for each module. Students will receive a list of classes, assessments and learning materials at the start of each semester.



If students are successful in achieving a BA, they will have the opportunity to do BA (Hons) Gaelic and Development by distance-learning or at the College.



To successfully complete level 2 (SCQF 8) of the Gaelic and Related Studies Scheme and progress to level 3, students must meet one of the following requirements:

a. Diploma students must get at least 50% in assessments for language module ‘Gaelic 2’ and at least 40% in assessments for the other modules.

b. Other students may gain access to the course at the college’s discretion if it is judged that they have the appropriate skills for entry to the BA and that their Gaelic ability is at the pre-requisite level.


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