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Sabhal Mòr Ostaig UHI’s Student of the Year

A student who was born and raised in Spain and who has a passion for Gaelic music and heritage has been named as Sabhal Mòr Ostaig UHI’s Student of the Year.

Marcel Gurillo, from Valencia, is a second year undergraduate at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, having begun learning Gaelic just two or three years ago.  He learned mostly from books and tapes and came to SMO directly from school.  Last year he undertook the Cùrsa Comais at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig and he intends to complete a degree in BA (Hons) Gaelic Language and Culture. 

Marcel not only excels in his studies but he has also immersed himself in the language and heritage in the short time he has been here.  Having been raised with a minority language (Catalan), Marcel has a great interest in music and, in particular, Gaelic song. 

Dr Meg Bateman, one of Marcel’s tutors, said, ‘It is lovely to see someone with another minority language showing so much enthusiasm for Gaelic.  Not only has he learnt Gaelic extremely quickly but he is so willing to both speak it and sing in the language.’

On campus Marcel has contributed both academically and socially and is always willing to participate in activities and show an example to fellow students.   During the Easter and summer holidays he worked as part of the Short Course team at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, proving very helpful to the team and equally encouraging to those taking part in courses.

“ I can hardly believe I have been awarded such an amazing prize, after such a happy and fun filled year.  I am truly grateful to the staff at SMO, especially the tutors on the Cùrsa Comais, and those who were kind enough to encourage and support me through the year.”

Marcel was awarded his certificate at the Sabhal Mòr Ostaig UHI graduation ceremony on Friday 2nd October 2015.

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