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Dr Domhnall Uilleam Stewart

Senior Lecturer and Course Leader – MSc Material Culture and Gàidhealtachd History

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Domhnall Uilleam Stewart is course leader for the MSc Material Culture and Gàidhealtachd History.


BA (Litt. Hum.), Magdalen College, Oxford; PhD, Celtic Dept and School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh


Worldwide Gàidhealtachd history from the 17th century from indigenous perspectives, with emphasis on how documentary and folklore evidence might be synthesised. Popular culture, customs, and beliefs such as charms, keening, witchcraft and second sight, in their European context. Collecting, editing, archiving and publishing of folklore, particularly James Macpherson (1736–96) and Ossian; John Francis Campbell (1821–85) and Popular Tales of the West Highlands; Alexander Carmichael (1832– 1912) and Carmina Gadelica; also problems and errors in folklore recording. Travellers’ accounts of the Gàidhealtachd, particularly Martin Martin (c. 1665–1718) and Thomas Pennant (1726–98), and the cultural brokers who informed them. The Scottish Gaelic Enlightenment of the late eighteenth century, investigating the efforts of amateur lexicographers, antiquarians and historians to create exemplars for an ‘improved’ Scottish Gaelic language and a modern British imperial Gaelic identity.


UQ508494: Beul-aithris Ghàidhlig UQ509829: Dualchas Gàidhlig UQ509825: Sgilean Rannsachaidh UL411980: Bailtean is Iomairean UL311974: Dòighean Rannsachaidh UV211978: Thar nan Linn UL611963: Imrich is Buaidh Beatha UL311975: Dòighean-Beatha is Nàbaidheachd

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Committee Member, Scottish Gaelic Texts Society

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