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Gaelic Conversation with Joy Dunlop

START: 09 April 2018
END: 13 April 2018
COST: £260.00

This course has been created for upper intermediate learners who understand basic Gaelic yet struggle to hold a conversation.  Joy’s enthusiastic approach to teaching makes learning Gaelic a relaxed and natural experience where Gaelic songs, games and other forms of media will also be used to reinforce learning.

Particular attention will be given to supporting the issues faced by Gaelic learners by looking at and correcting grammatical errors and working on improving pronunciation skills.  It is intended that students will build up a repertoire of new words and phrases throughout the week and Joy will be encouraging participants  to confidently use the Gaelic that they have – giving them the ability to participate in fuller and more detailed conversations.

Originally from Connel, Argyll, Joy Dunlop is  a popular Gaelic teacher, broadcaster and dancer.   Joy currently teaches Gaelic at the University of Glasgow  and is also a tutor of both An Cùrsa Inntrigidh and An Cùrsa Adhartais, Sabhal Mòr Ostaig’s popular distance learning programme.  She is also an award winning Gaelic singer, being  awarded the Royal National Mòd Gold Medal in 2010, and can often be heard speaking on Radio nan Gàidheal.

To participate in this course, students should have completed SMO Short Course Levels  5 &  6, or their equivalents elsewhere and be able hold a detailed conversation using basic structures.

Approximate Course & SCQF Level Equivalences:         

  • An Cùrsa Inntrigidh Earrann 3 (10-12)    
  • Ìre 5/6 nan Cùrsaichean Goirid   
  • SCQF 5-6 SQA Standard Grade: Credit – Higher Gaelic (Learners)

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