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Dip HE Gaelic and Related Studies

Award: Distance Learning
Study Mode: Distance Learning, Part-time
Course Contact: Distance Learning Team


The Diploma of Higher Education  is at level SCQF 8 and equates to the second year of the BA degree course at the college. Students can choose to study modules from the 'Gaelic Language and Culture' degree programme or the 'Gaelic and Development' degree programme.

Course Content

Students are required to undertake six modules at level 2, made up of  compulsory modules (ie  those which are part of the scheme requirements and are common across the degree programmes) and also modules which are specific to each programme.

One of the six modules is an optional module i.e. a module which can be chosen from within your chosen degree programme or from another degree programme in the Gaelic & Related Studies scheme or, with the Programme Leader's permission, a module from another degree within UHI, as long as the module can be delivered by distance-learning. (Please note that modules from other degree programmes outwith the Gaelic & Related Studies scheme will be delivered in English).

To gain a Diploma of Higher Education students must successfully complete the two modules in the scheme requirements, three modules from either the Gaelic language and Culture programme or the Gaelic and Development programme and one optional module.


Scheme Requirements Programme Requirements Optional Module
  • Gaelic 2
  • Language, Culture and Ethnicity

3 modules from:

Gaelic and Development programme


Gaelic Language and Culture programme

  • Genealogy
  • Democracy in Scotland
  • Gaelic Education in Scotland

or another distance-learning module at level SCQF 7,8 no 9

Two modules  Three modules One module

Programme Modules

Gaelic and Development Language and Culture
  • Social History of the Highlands & Islands
  • Development Issues in the Highlands and other remote areas
  • Gaelic: Past and Present
  • 'The Gaelic World'  2
  • Gaelic Folklore
  • The Modern Short Story
  • Gaelic Poetry since 1900
  • Gaelic Scholars and Voyagers
  • Scottish Onomastics

Learning materials for these distance-learning modules are available on Blackbaord, UHI's electronic virtual learning environment.  After registration students will be given access to Blackboard.

Usually there are two telephone classes per week for each module. Students will receive a list of classes, assessments and learning materials at the start of each semester.


Entry Requirements

To successfully complete level 1 (SCQF) of the Gaelic and Related Studies Scheme and progress to level 2, students must meet one of the following requirements:

a. An Cùrsa Adhartais students must get at least 50% in assessments for language modules CA5-CA6

b. An Cùrsa Chomais students must get at least 50% in assessments for the language modules 'Communication B' and 'Formal and Professional Language'

c. Gaelic and Communication students get at least 50% in the Gaelic and Communication language modules, namely 'Conversation' and 'Gaelic and Communication: Written'.

d. Other students may gain access to the course at the college's discretion if it is judged that they have the appropriate skills for entry to the Diploma of Higher Education and that their Gaelic ability is at the pre-requisite level.

Fees and Funding

For course costs please follow this link


Progression Routes

If students are successful in achieving a Diploma of Higher Education, they will have the opportunity to do a degree by distance-learning or at the College in Gaelic and Development or Gaelic Language and Culture.

How to Apply

Contact the Admissions Officer by e-mail at or telephone her on +44(0) 1471 888304.

Admissions & Registery Office
Sabhal Mòr Ostaig
Isle of Skye
IV44 8RQ


Modules Timetable for 2014-15

NB Please note that the following list may be subject to change.

Semester 1 Semester 2
Gaelic 2 Gaelic 2
  • Modern Short Story
  • Gaelic Folklore
  • Scottish Onomastics
  • 'Gaelic World' 2
  • Development Issues in the Highlands and other remote areas
  • Language, Culture and Ethnicity
  • Gaelic Poetry since 1900
  • Gaelic Scholars and Voyagers
  • Gaelic: Past and Present
  • Social history of the Highlands & Islands
  • Democracy in Scotland
  • Genealogy
  • Gaelic Education in Scotland